Littleton Leisure Park and Cannock Lake Trail
Walking  Self Led
About this Activity
Mixed terrain including steep slopes, stiles and steps
A very pleasant walk, affording much opportunity of taking in far reaching views over Staffordshire and Shropshire, whilst noting Cannock Lake, and associated flora, forna and wildlife.

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 Every Day
Brisk Walk
Level 3
Public Car Park , Cocksparrow Lane, Cannock, WS12 4PB
Route Points
Use the below points to help guide you along this route
Turn off Cocksparrows Lane on to the Nature Reserve.
Start from Nature Reserve Car Park - entrance off Cocksparrow Lane.
At the grassed clearing walk immediately to your left, following a path into the bushes. Follow the narrow winding path.
The path then open out before you, continue on the path over marshy grassland.
Eventually coming to a fork in the path - Take the left fork.
This takes you uphill, following an old stream bed - possibly muddy.
Follow the path as it joins and path from the right, carry straight on this wide Gravel Road
Gravel Road downhill then meets, changes to a concrete surface, carry straight on.
Staying on the concrete surface, ignoring the pedestrian access gate (right)
Staying on the concrete surface, make your way to the large gate in the distance.
Make your way to the main road via the style or gap in the hedgerow.
Before crossing the road, look to your left across the road for the Winding Wheel and vehicle entrance a little further along.
Make your safely along the busy road, before crossing into the car park entrance.
Be aware of vehicles, taking the path immediately to your right between the 2 posts.
Keep the hedgerow to your right, following the path, noting the Winding Wheel etc.
Information Board giving history of Littleton Colliery site.
Pathway narrows with tree branch cover, follow the path.
Eventually take the left path passing between the steel railings. From here the path becomes steeper as it heads towards the Flag at the top.
Marvellous views 'on the way', together with suitably situated benches.
Near to the top, steep steps, but the views are worth it!
Almost there, viewing platform at the top.
All round views from the top.
All round views from the top.
All round views from the top.
All round views from the top.
Eventually time to return 'back the way you came'.
Back down the steps.
Retrace your steps back across the road, around the gate onto concrete surface.
Immediately at the end of the concrete surface, fork left.
After no more than 15 yards, then fork right.
Follow this well worn path across grassland.
Path bends right as if entering into the bushes.
Continue to follow the path.
Gradient steepens here, immediately after the fence post follow the path right, up hill.
At the top of the gradient go straight ahead, noticing the Lake in front of you right.
With the Lake in view, note and take the sandy path down in the direction of the lake.
Keep following the well worn path over grassland.
Pass between 2 fence posts, heading towards the Lake. Keeping the Lake to your left, walk around the Lakeside path can be boggy.
With Lake still on your left, in the corner, follow pathway into the trees.
Once under the trees, take the first path immediately down to your right.
Follow this path downwards and eventually away from the Lake.
At clearing path merges with another from the right, carry straight on.
Follow this well worn path, effectively retracing your steps back to the car park.
Eventually reaching the clearing, and the car park through the trees on the right.
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