Walking  Self Led
About this Activity
Moderate and uneven surfaces with stiles and steps
A walk from Ravenhill Park, on to the canal and back through to the park.

 Walking Checklist
 Every Day
Level 2
Ravenhill Park , Brereton Road, Brereton and Ravenhill, WS15 1DF
Route Points
Use the below points to help guide you along this route
Enter Ravenhill Park off Brereton Road.
There is a car park to the left as you enter, past the children's play area.
The car park is behind you, turn left and walk through the park.
Go through the gate and cross the road.
Once crossed the road, you are walking right. Walk all the way down Armitage Road until you reach an island.
At the island take the first exit, signposted A51.
Walk over the bridge, take a moment to look at the view.
Once over the bridge take path on the left, you will be doubling back on yourself, to the canal.
Turn right onto the canal.
Walk along the canal.
Once you have reached bridge number 65 (each bridge says on it what number it is), walk under it and take path immediately right.
Walk up the path and turn right to go over bridge.
Cross over the bridge, the Mossley Tavern is at the end of the road.
At the end of the road turn left.
Cross over the road and enter park.
Walk through the park and you will be back at the car park starting point.
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