Etchinghill & Wolseley
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About this Activity
A running route from Etchinghill, through beautiful country side and around the Wolseley Estate. This walk passes the Wolseley Arms and Wolseley Centre why not pop in there half way round.

 Every Day
Level 1
Etchinghill , Mount Road , Rugeley , WS15 2LR
Route Points
Use the below points to help guide you along this route
There are parking pull ins on the side of Mount Road. Cross from the bottom of Mount Road, over Bower lane, towards the iron gate.
Go through the gate and carry on the path straight ahead.
Enjoy the views across the field.
A small path comes off the main path across the field, take this path right.
Continue along the path.
Take the path left and go through the gate.
Follow the path through the trees.
Go through the gate and follow the path.
Continue on path.
Keep left, do not go through the gate on the right hand side.
Keep going straight on the right hand side of the path.
Keep on the path past the houses.
On your right hand side, is an old cave house.
Cross the road, to the footpath. Be carefully of traffic.
Once crossed the road, take the path left.
You will come to Wolseley Wildlife Centre on your left hand side, if you want to extend your walk, there is lovely routes through here.
Cross the road prior to the first Island towards to shopping area.
Continue to walk up drive through the middle of the shops.
Continue through the Wolseley Park Estate. Please stay on paths at all times.
Continue straight.
Continue on path around the bend.
Keep on the path straight ahead a the T junction.
Continue straight.
Prior to the gate is a style to the left. Take the style to the left.
Follow the paths through the trees and straight over next style.
Continue over bridge
Take path over the hill and continue straight.
Take the path as it bends to the right.
Continue through the gate.
Cross over Bower Lane to bottom of Mount Lane to finish the walk.
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