Marquis Drive
Marquis Drive, Hednesford , WS12 4PW
 1 At Marquis Drive there is the option to park on the road or there is a car park which is pay and display.
 2 Head towards the visitor centre.
 3 Take the path past the toilet block.
 4 Take the path to right at the blue post.
 5 At the car park, turn left and take the path through the gate.
 6 At the top of the hill take the path to the right, continue on this path.
 7 When this path meets another, turn right up the slope.
 8 Follow the path into the conservation area.
 9 Follow the path to the left.
 10 Continue along this path.
 11 Continue on path as it bares to the left.
 12 When the path joins another, turn left.
 13 Continue up straight path, this is Kit Bag Hill.
 14 Turn left at RAF memorial.
 15 Pass RAF memorial.
 16 Turn right at the end of path.
 17 Take the path to the left.
 18 At the end of the path take the path right.
 19 Continue down the hill.
 20 Continue straight towards car park.
 21 Through car park and take path immediately right.
 22 Turn left at blue post.
 23 Back at visitors centre.