Cycling on Cannock Chase


Cannock Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, (AONB); it is a fantastic place to enjoy on your bike. There are various types of routes to access on Cannock Chase find out more on the Forestry Commission website.

With the Chase being an AONB, it is important to enjoy it's beauty but also protect it for future generation.

When out riding it is important that you follow the Cycling Etiquette, and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Guidelines. This will ensure your safety, others safety, the protection and preservation of Cannock Chase.

  • Slow Riders – Be Considerate, riders may be nervous and new to the trail and cycling
  • Slow Down when approaching them, let them ride in their own time and don’t ride to close. Pass when there is suitable place to do so. Inform them of which side you are going to pass on. Call out “Hello, faster rider coming through, passing on your right”
  • A lot of routes at MTB Trail centres are one way, ensure you are going the right way on the trails.
  • Leave no trace – all rubbish should go home with you or in a bin provided at our Café. Try to stay out of wet areas and avoid skidding to help prevent erosion.
  • Do not obstruct the trail - If you need to stop for any reason, do in a place where you exit the trail, ensure other riders are able to see you and they are still able to pass safely.
  • You should wear bright clothing so it is easy to be spotted.
  • Stay on the trail - Do not leave the designated trails; this is for your safety and the protection of Cannock Chase as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Heathlands on Cannock Chase are an Internationally important and are home to some rare species.
  • Respect other trail users - Other people use the outdoors, walkers, runners, horse riders.
  • Ride considerately – think about others safety.
  • Always be prepared to slow down.
  • We advise that bikers have a bell to warn over trail users of their presence.
  • Ride to your ability -Ensure you choose a trail that is right for your ability. This will reduce the risk of an accident and you will have a more enjoyable ride. If in doubt pick a grade lower than you think you are capable of.
  • In case of an accident, there are emergency panels along the trails , call the emergency services and inform of your location from the emergency panels.
  • Give Something Back -Chase Trails is a volunteer organisation that assists with the building and maintaining of the trails in Cannock Chase Forest. They are always looking out for volunteers and they meet regularly on Sundays at 10 am outside Swinnerton Cycles. Find out more about Chase Trails